DK Readers Level 3

Star Wars The Legendary Yoda (dk Readers Level 3)

4 Stars
Star Wars The Legendary Yoda

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd

ISBN: 1409365344

Do you want to pick a book? You will need to read Star Wars The Legendary Yoda (dk Readers Level 3) from the publisher Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd! The book has 48 pages.

Read it, you must. Yoda, legendary he is. Level 3 Readers are perfect for children just starting to study alone. The glossary and index sections show them a lot more about the world of"Star Wars"and information boxes assist the story as they explore the exciting universe of Yoda, Luke and Princess Leia. This fun Level 3 Reader will introduce a new generation of Star Wars fans to the iconic character. Continue the reading adventure with"Star Wars The Legendary Yoda "."Star Wars The Legendary Yoda"follows Yoda on his adventures, recruiting new Jedi and mastering the ways in the Force.


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